Stejk burger

Stejk burger
Beef Burger with country fries, onions, melted cheese and burger Sauce.


100 gr - Cheese

105 kr

100 gr - Cheese & Bacon

115 kr

150 gr - Cheese

155 kr

150 gr - Cheese & Bacon

165 kr

300 gr - Cheese

265 kr

300 gr - Cheese & Bacon

295 kr

900 gr - Nickes Special

595 kr

4x150gr beef burger with a paket of bacon.

1 kg - Arctic Burger

695 kr

4x150gr beef burger with a paket of bacon and smoked reindeer on the top.

+ Add fries & dip sauce

55 kr


  • 50/50 – South West & BBQ
  • South West (spicy mayo)
  • BBQ ( cooked on a bottle of rum)
  • Burger dressing

A taste of stejk

Take a quick trip into our cozy, warm and loving care with a taste of Stejk. If you recently visited us and miss us, you can always revisit us virtually through our Youtube or other social channels – Until next time we ”meat”!


Our reindeer and moose meat is purchased at:

Thornéus Renprodukter

Our beef for our burgers is purchased at:


Vegan info: BBQ Oumph,mixed with fried onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes & salad. BBQ sauce/vegan.

Allergies? Ask about it and the staff will be happy to explain the product ingredients.